Hi, I'm Salim Belhaddad

and I'm a neuromarketing and reputation consultant


Success Centered

Some rely on pedantic creativity, random chance or on one-size-fits-all stuff.

I rely on scientific studies. Plus, with a 80/20 Pareto efficient optimization, my clients save both time and money. Together we focus on what really matters and what neuroscience experiments proved to work.

I spent years building a unique and full-featured toolkit based on pragmatically mastered transversal skills.

Thrilled to discover what it can do for you ? Feel free to contact me now or keep reading this page to learn more.

The neuroscience-backed system I developed automagically skyrocket your business.

We first check the project’s feasibility together by performing a 360° ecosystem profiling. We review your business, market and available assets.

Then I design an optimal solution with no risk of the traditional idiosyncratic fit you are probably victim of when seeking the services of an expert.

We continuously use data analytics to make sure that the target Return On Investment has been achieved.

For even greater benefits, we can also secure an even higher lifetime value and build a reproducible checklist and toolset you can freely use in any related future project or campaign.


Software Development

Websites, Social Apps
Web, Mobile and Desktop Apps
Marketing Automation
Business Automation


Consumer Research (EEG, GSR, EyeTracking…)
Social Marketing
Street & Guerilla Marketing
SEO & Conversion Rate Optimization
Predictive Analytics


Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Consumer Psychology
Behavioral Economics
Heuristics & Cognitive Biases


Web & UX Design
Logos & Branding
Flyers & Print Catalogs
Business Cards

Business Intelligence

Business Model Generation
Predictive Modeling
Problem Solving (incl. Triz/Ariz)
Risk, Crisis & Reputation Management


Computer & IT Security
Secure Web Design
Physical & Psychological Self-Defense
Staff Audit & Training
Social Engineering

Latest Recognition, Training & Certifications


Member of the NeuroMarketing Science & Business Association


Microsoft Certified Professional

Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3 Specialist



Google Certified Professional

Advertising Fundamentals
Advanced Search
Advanced Display



Member of the Mensa Association

… where meetings are great :-)

Introduction to Neuroeconomics

Certified with Distinction by Vasily Klucharev (Higher School of Economics of Moscow, Russia)

tags: biology, neurology, psychology, economics, decision making


Game Theory Advanced Applications

Certified with Distinction by M. Jackson, Y. Shoham (Stanford University) & K. Leyton-Brown (University of British Columbia)

tags: mathematics, political sciences, economics, strategic decision making


A Beginner's Guide to Irrational Behavior

Certified with Distinction by Dan Ariely (Duke University)

tags: psychology, behavioral economics, neuro-sciences, dishonesty, cognitive biases


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Salim Belhaddad
Lot 41
66 avenue des Champs Elysées
75008 Paris